Join the BELFOR Franchise Group family.

Step One: Invest

Investment requirements: To invest in our DUCTZ franchise, it’s important to meet the following qualifications:

  • You should have $100,000 liquid funds available, (cash, stocks, established home equity line of credit, 401k, IRA, etc.) to invest in your new business. The minimum investment requirement is $100,000.
  • Personal net worth of at least $175,000.  To calculate your net worth, add your assets (investments, retirement accounts, home, property, etc.) and subtract your liabilities (mortgages, total credit card debt, etc.).

Step Two: Apply

Fill out our information request form. We will call you to review your information and discuss the next steps which include education, orientation, and validation

Step Three: Attend Meet the Team Day

Meet the Team Day allows you the opportunity to come to our state of the art training center and headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  While in Ann Arbor you’ll have the opportunity to meet key staff members, your support team, and get a tour of the facilities.  The day will be filled with one-on-one sessions, plus you will enjoy lunch with our entire team.

Step Four: Sign

At the end you’re Meet the Team Day experience, you will be given the franchise agreement document to take home with you.  Once home, review the agreement, sign where needed, and return it to us by the end of the week. Congratulations you have officially joined the DUCTZ Team!

Step Five:

Once we receive a check for the Franchise fee and IP Package, (Total amount: $78,900) you will be entered into the Jump Start Program where we help get all your business needs setup, your truck leased, marketing materials ordered, and more in place before you come in for training.

Step Five: Training

It all starts with a two week training experience in Ann Arbor MI, where you’ll learn the needed skills to launch your business quickly and successfully; from initial technical and business training, to learning the art of technical sales. Our world-class instructors, plus the hands on training you receive, will prepare you for everything you will need for improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency for your customers; plus prepare you for what you’ll encounter in the HVAC restoration process.

Getting Started

Begin your BELFOR journey today! If you are considering becoming a DUCTZ FRANtreprenuer to reach your professional, personal and financial goals, please fill out the Contact Us form and one of our placement advisors will contact you!

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